A chat tool that means business!

There are many popular and great chat tools...

But NOT for your business!

Some Prime Reasons to Use HyChat


Multi Factor Security Authentication

HyChat Values Your Privacy And Gives You A Feature To Secure Your App With A 2 Level Pin & Other User Level Security Unlike Others. This Is In Addition To The End-To-End 256 Bit Encryption. Locked Folders Are Also Hidden Till Unlocked To Keep Them Away From Prying Eyes.


Prevent Re-Share And Forward Of Information

HyChat lets you restrict re-sharing and forwarding of information sent by you by the recipient. You can restrict at user level and content level and control how your data is used


Knowledge Transfer From Old To New Employee

HyChat helps you easily and instantly transfer all content from an old user to a new user. Now get users up to speed and productive in the least amount of time possible


Interconnect Information On Multiple Parameters

HyChat lets you interconnect information saved in different folders etc. Save disk space, no need to save mutiple copies of a file in multiple folders, avoid outdated files. Link files using tags and access them at the same time.


Multi Filter To Create Customized View

HyChat Allows You To Filter & Find The Information You Want Based On Multiple Parameters While You Are On-The-Go Without You Having To Type On Your Laptop And Office Table.


Single Click Share To Multiple Channels

HyChat provides a unique feature of sharing saved content to multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on single button click making it a more efficient and seamless experience.

Enter HyChat

An innovative, powerful chat platform designed from the ground up as a business tool:

  • Seamless collaboration experience
  • Extended information management functionality which goes beyond mere chatting to create long-term business value.
  • A whole new level of information security and rights management.
  • A smart chat platform for the 21st Century.

HyChat provides seamless collaboration

  • Full chat functionality
  • Full video conferencing functionality
  • Create unique conversation threads for each topic within a team
  • Schedule meetings and reminders for multiple stakeholders
  • Find groups, threads and messages easily with our unique
    tag-enabled search feature
  • Share data at the click of a button

HyChat converts chats into long-term value

  • All your chats persist in a robust, instantly searchable repository
  • Retain and organize conversations in multiple folders, with multiple tags, for ease of later retrieval
  • Access years’ worth of your past work as if it happened yesterday
  • Transfer chats from an old employee to a new or re-assigned one to ensure continuity

HyChat is secure: your information, your rules!

  • End-to-end encryption, in storage and in transit
  • Brought to you by a team with over 15 years’ experience working with HIPAA and other security protocols
  • Retain control over chats: restrict a receipient from copying, editing, sharing, or storing data in their device
  • Remove chats of an employee when they leave the company
  • Allows confidential/ hidden chats
  • All content can be stored safely on your servers inside your firewall

Advanced security


  • Instant Search
  • Multi-Platform Share
  • Tag Management
  • URL and Links
  • App and Chat Pin
  • PDF Creation
  • Direct Printing
  • End to End Encryption
  • Create Communities
  • Color Code Data
  • Chat with friends and family
  • Video conference
  • Create and manage groups

$2.99per month
($ 29.99/ 1 Year)

  • All Basic Features
  • Five Devices per User
  • Restrict users from sharing/ forwarding information you send them
  • Multi Level filter to find content
  • Audio and Video Files Included
  • Data Backup/Restore Option
  • Option to Lock Data before Share
  • Create smart folder to view content and chat based on selected criteria

$4.99per month
($ 49.99/ 1 Year)

  • All Premium Features
  • Minimum Ten Users per Plan
  • Broadcast content to all users
  • Advanced controls in Groups
  • Separate personal & business section
  • Option for data on the Enterprise server
  • Transfer data from old to new employee
  • Geo-fencing and data access
  • Admin control panel
  • Instant secured intranet
  • Enterprise logo on the mobile screen
  • Video recording of video conferences
  • Details user log of all the video meetings

HyChat – A powerful business chat platform that is designed with businesses in mind

  • Confidential and hidden chat (password protected)
  • Limit whether the recipient can copy, edit, forward or store locally
  • Create your own folders to store your messages.
  • Smart virtual folders that merge chats from multiple groups to one view – eg city sales chats merged to form state sales
  • Easily transfer content from one employee to the next for business continuity
  • Option to host all data on your own cloud server
  • Tag and organize all your chat conversations
  • Create local encrypted backups
  • Powerful search functionalities
  • Tag-enabled search to quickly locate what you are looking for; create your own tags
  • Conversation thread-based search

I invite you to try HyChat and use it across Android, iOS or the web version with real time data sync.

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