Some Prime Reasons to Use HyLyt


Multi Factor Security Authentication

HyLyt Values Your Privacy And Gives You A Feature To Secure Your App With A 2 Level Pin & Other User Level Security Unlike Others. This Is In Addition To The End-To-End 256 Bit Encryption. Locked Folders Are Also Hidden Till Unlocked To Keep Them Away From Prying Eyes.


Prevent Re-Share And Forward Of Information

HyLyt lets you restrict re-sharing and forwarding of information sent by you by the recipient. You can restrict at user level and content level and control how your data is used


Knowledge Transfer From Old To New Employee

HyLyt helps you easily and instantly transfer all content from an old user to a new user. Now get users up to speed and productive in the least amount of time possible


Schedule Push Notifications

HyLyt Helps You Schedule A Reminder Or Calendar Event On Other HyLyt Users’ Phones Without Any Effort On Their Part.


Single Click Save From And App/ Screen

Any content selected and copied/shared on any App/Screen triggers HyLyt background service automatically which allows the user to save the content in Instantly without leaving the screen and interrupting what the user is doing.


Interconnect Information On Multiple Parameters

HyLyt lets you interconnect information saved in different folders etc. Save disk space, no need to save mutiple copies of a file in multiple folders, avoid outdated files. Link files using tags and access them at the same time.


Multi Filter To Create Customized View

HyLyt Allows You To Filter & Find The Information You Want Based On Multiple Parameters While You Are On-The-Go Without You Having To Type On Your Laptop And Office Table.


Single Click Share To Multiple Channels

HyLyt provides a unique feature of sharing saved content to multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on single button click making it a more efficient and seamless experience.

HyLyt Saves- 30 minutes a Day. One of the best time managing apps

HyLyt Secures Your Data 24x7

HyLyt Lets You Access on Multiple Devices



Cross-link multiple content or information with tags
Many security features to give you full peace of mind
Find content instantly through Filter (up to 10)
Instantly save on any app/any screen
One-click share to any app/ screen

Instantly schedule calendar events & reminders in other users' device


Data on client server possible
Create customized instant intranet
Instantly delete all data for a user and transfer to new user
Personal and business content at mutually exclusive boxes
Cross link and instantly find contents of 6 products at one place.
Create controlled groups with variable rights and permissions


2-Level pin access – apps and folders to 256 bit encryption
Delete data instantly and remotely for users

Option to pull back shared content at any time
Locked notes to ensure data authenticity
Geo location based data access

Option to restrict people from sharing/ forwarding information sent to them

HyLyt is your go-to solution

HyLyt can also potentially replace the following product categories with most functions covered and a few more add-ons:

Note Taking Apps

Business IM

Cloud storage

Reminder apps

Calendar apps

video conference

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