How to Successfully Manage A Hybrid Team

As a consequence of the pandemic, hybrid teams have become the norm today in offices. Businesses are adopting hybrid models, with in-house employees working in tandem with remote employees. Running an office with remote employees provides benefits like:

  • Cost savings due to lesser office space requirements, 
  • Satisfied employees who enjoy their freedom and flexibility, 
  • A greater employee retention rate. However, managing your team is no easy task, and unless you are careful, your business could suffer. For example, your remote employees could be dissatisfied and feel that the in-house staff gets more facilities and opportunities for advancement in their jobs.

But, you can cast your worries aside as we have the right solutions to solve these issues. We list here tried and tested strategies, using which you can handle your hybrid team more smoothly and foster increased productivity.

Tips you can use to manage your hybrid team successfully

Avoid micromanagement

It is normal to find employers in a hybrid model-based workplace to monitor their employees’ activities throughout the day. However, you need to remember that your remote staff may resent such an attitude and will feel devoid of trust. The solution for this is to believe in your employees and give them more freedom in their work. It would be wise to focus on your employees’ performances rather than their way of doing their jobs. But, you will need to be clear about what you expect from your staff and define goals they can pursue. You can measure your employees’ performance with effective systems, such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Focus more on your remote employees

Remember that capable employees can work efficiently from any location. All they need is access to the relevant resources and information. As their manager, you need to ensure that they get whatever they need for their work anytime. You can utilize specialized tools that are customized for hybrid models and enable employees to access data whenever they require. It would also be better to use a common app or platform for all employees so that no one misses any important messages. Using video conferencing as a tool for in-house and remote employees to communicate and know each other better is also a solution. 

Build better bonding 

The flip side of remote working is that employees cannot meet physically, which is necessary to develop strong relations. A hybrid team does not provide opportunities for bonding like lunchtimes or a chat at the water cooler. Generally, employees are more productive when they enjoy their work and share good relations with other staff members. The way out of this situation would be to provide employees opportunities to bond together socially. You can do this by using an exclusive platform that allows employees to chat with others informally and share gossip. You could arrange online get-togethers, such as competitions that enable employees to know each other and bond well. Whatever gatherings you arrange should be common for all employees, whether remote or in-house. 

Communicate with your team consistently

Hold frequent meetings with your remote staff and ask them about their work, like the challenges they face or their career goals. Ask questions to employees to encourage them to talk about themselves. For example, some employees may be worried about their future prospects while others may require special training for their work. Learn what you can do to make remote working easier for them. You need to look into each employee’s specific needs and address them effectively. Another thing to remember is that each employee craves to receive recognition for his work. So, appreciating their good points is essential since it can spur them to work to the best of their abilities.

All-in-One Solution: HyLyt

With these expert tips, you now know what it takes to run a hybrid team successfully. Employing a cost-effective and efficient platform like HyLyt can enable you to manage your hybrid team effectively and take your business to greater heights. The app helps improve collaboration among teams by letting employees share information seamlessly. 

It enables them to save data from any app or screen while not interrupting what they are doing. It also lets them easily access information saved from any app, device, or location. The app’s video conferencing feature helps build better relations by allowing remote employees to share information and interact personally. Another significant feature is the security features like end-to-end encryption of chats and the ability to limit resharing or forwarding of information. With all these mind-blowing features, HyLyt is indeed what you need for your Hybrid business. 


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