How to Work From Home : Tips From People Who Do It Successfully with HyLyt

As the world is fighting Coronavirus – COVID19, many businesses have started to work from home. Our primary survey report says that businesses that are facing this sudden transition are not able to cope up with this change.

  • Is your business facing productivity challenges?
  • Is managing work from home difficult?
  • How can your business survive with minimum or no loss at all?
  • Is information grabbing and communication amongst the team difficult?
  • Are goals and deadlines being missed?
  • Are you facing difficulty in internal communication?

HyLyt can come to your rescue

Work from Home is the need of the hour. How will you stay organized at home and give the most productive results?

We help you get your crucial business activities done from home and ensure BCP (Business Continuity Planning)


Let’s see How HyLyt helps in Working from Home


HyLyt enables the user to create an instant intranet for stakeholders to communicate critical Information with flexibility. 


Using HyLyt, one can cross-link multiple content or information with tags. Also, one can create controlled groups with variable rights and permissions. Your team can share their work sitting at home and the interdependent would be able to see and receive the information. 


HyLyt helps to schedule a reminder or calendar event on other HyLyt users’ phones without any effort on their part. This helps in staying organized and there is ease of work amongst co-workers. 

Sharing at a Single Click

HyLyt provides a unique feature of sharing saved content to multiple platforms such as

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram at a single click making it a more efficient and seamless experience. 

Cloud Storage

While you work on the internet/cloud, whatever documents you generate can be stored and managed online. This helps you retrieve data whenever needed and also save phone memory. 


HyLyt gives you a feature to secure your app with a 2 level pin & other user-level security, unlike others. This is in addition to the end-to-end 256-bit encryption. All your confidential data is now secured in HyLyt. You need not worry about your data getting in the hands of other personnel. 

Now that you know the secret weapon you have 3 things to do –

  1. Download HyLyt
  2. Share it with your employees
  3. Use our services

 Let’s make #workfromhome as simple as #workfromoffice

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  1. HyLyt has revolutionize the approach of work from home! With its features of collaborative working it has made it easy to work and to communicate with the co-workers! Thank you HyLyt!

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