HyLyt Quick tips to improve your Productivity

Unleashing HyLyt Quick tips to Improve your Productivity

There are 24 hours in a day and your working window is around 8-10 hours, making most of your working time is crucial to increase your productivity. There are two ways of doing it, either you increase your working hours or work smart. We believe in the latter.

Being productive at work is not rocket science, however you need to be planned and organized about how you manage your tasks and time. Making small changes can go a long way in increasing the productivity rate of your employees. One such change is downloading the HyLyt App. This is one of the best productive applications that will allow you to get work done systematically.

HyLyt is a unique platform that helps teams to converse and collaborate within controls and thus enhance productivity, prevent data leakage and get a 360 view of all information that matters.

Trusted by a large number of organizations, HyLyt puts everything you need to get work done in one place. It is more than just a task management tool — it’s a way to work systematically. HyLyt allows you to store and save information in one place, instantly find information, video calling and much more is possible with HyLyt.  This is one of the best productivity tools or software that can help you in staying organized and ahead of your competitors.

best productive tools

Let’s read about simple yet effective strategies that can help in getting the most from your employees and boosting their productivity to the maximum.

Save time and Work Smarter

There are a lot of things businesses can avoid in order to save time. It may include finding or storing information, sharing data, etc. Infact, on an average 25% productive time is lost by businesses as users spend time in saving, searching, organizing & managing information. An app like HyLyt can save a lot of your employee’s time with its unique features. It helps in easy storing of information in one place systematically, finding information instantly on various parameters like date, folder, group, tag, etc. Also, you can share information on multiple platforms with a single click.

Schedule Reminder

Want each and every employee of your organization to never give you an excuse that he forgot a meeting or deadline? Then, HyLyt comes to your rescue. HyLyt app helps you schedule a reminder or an event on other HyLyt users’ phones without any effort on their part. Cool, isn’t it?

Go For Virtual Meetings

With this work from home thing, we all have now adapted to virtual meeting. Virtual meetings are comparatively less time consuming and more productive than physical meetings. HyLyt gives you the feature of video conferencing also! With HyLyt you can easily connect with remote and distant teams.

best productivity tools

Some Other Tips that may help in improving productivity of your employees

Take regular breaks.

It sounds opposite, but taking small breaks at regular interval scheduled can go a long way in improving your concentration. A study revealed that employees who take schedule breaks perform better than those who work without break.

Set Self imposed deadlines

While we think that stress is a bad thing, a manageable level of stress can actually help you in meeting your objectives and making you more productive. Try giving yourself a deadline to finish a task and stick to it. You may be astonished to discover that how focused and productive you can be when you’re watching the clock.

Quit multi tasking

Yes, say no to multi-tasking. We may think that we should adopt the quality of mult-tasking to increase our efficiency; the opposite in fact is true. There are studies that reveal that attempts to do several tasks at one time can lead to wastage of time and affect your productivity. Hence, make a habit of completing one task before moving on to next.

Split big tasks into smaller ones

If you have a big project that seems to be complex, break it into smaller and more manageable portions. Then complete each, one at a time. Keep a list and feel happy when you tick one of those smaller tasks. Don’t be harsh on yourself, take one step at a time and you will soon find that you have pulled of the project successfully.

Tidy workspace, tidy mind

Make it a habit to clean your workspace before leaving.  De-clutter and get organized and start each day with a clean mind. If your workspace is untidy, you will find it tricky to stay productive.


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