Work From Home: Solving Technology and Security Challenges

The global COVID-19 pandemic is changing how an enterprise collaborates, conducts business and helps employees to adapt to the remote ways of working. With the current work scenario, entire organizations are forced to make employees work from home, that too for an unforeseeable future. This has led to serious concerns on business continuity planning and maintaining the required employees’ productivity with cost optimization measures.

In today’s time, the biggest technology challenge being faced by enterprises is to identify the most effective remote collaboration tools to securely boost productivity when employees work remotely. For every enterprise, it is absolutely critical to have business continuity in order to overcome the massive global lockdown.

In order to maintain business as usual, almost 70% of the work critical applications are being moved to the cloud. However this nudge has also brought about the associated data security threats alongside, but the apprehensive companies are still forced to go digital despite the security concerns.

To be able to remain competitive and productive in business, getting access to data to make business decisions is crucial. However, when remote working is the new norm, most senior leadership cannot have the big picture as the data is only available in silos. Such silos of data make sense at a departmental level however it prevents collaborative problem solving to ensure competitiveness. Keeping data in silos is a missed opportunity for any organization, something which can be overcome by technology.

With the increasing complexities for information transfer in the fast-expanding distributed environments, every team working in the remote setup needs visibility to the applications relevant for them. With more efficient use of collaborative technology solutions providing safe access and applications performance monitoring, the data and teams can be united for unabated progress and scaling up businesses.

Effective performance monitoring solutions need to be deployed that will allow getting total visibility into the application environment of corporates. It will reduce the complexity of use and make remote working seamless, secure and collaborative. Creative collaboration is the future of work and as businesses move ahead they develop a data pipeline. As long as technology solutions can secure the data trail of having confidential information like the business model, markets and geographies, work from home will be more an opportunity than a challenge. If done right, remote working can be a blessing to be more effective and industry receptive.

The centrepiece of remote working is the set of tools that the teams need to collaborate and do the job in time. The choice of tool varies from industries and companies but the ones that can be embraced faster by most employees become the choice of the employers.

The upcoming articles will talk about how to pick the right set of tools to make remote working employees be up to speed.

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