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Be it your Browser, your emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other app, with SocioRAC you are just a tap away from saving all your data. Any better way to save your data?


Managing your data would be a lot easier if it is all racked up at one place, wouldn't it?
With SocioRAC retain all of your data at one place.


Extracting the right information at the right time has always been a toilsome experience for you, hasn't it? With SocioRAC, It is just one tap away!

SocioRAC USP's

Let's See How SocioRAC Helps You


Cross-link multiple files with tags
Save your text with file names
Find content instantly through Filter (up to 10 parameters)
One click save on any app/any screen
One-click share to any app/ screen
Instantly schedule calendar events & reminders in other users' device
Data on client server possible
Create controlled groups with variable rights and permissions
Instantly delete all data for a user and transfer to new user
Personal and business content at mutually exclusive boxes
Cross link and instantly find contents of 6 products at one place.
Create customized instant intranet



2-Level pin access – apps and folders to 256 bit encryption
Delete data instantly and remotely for users
Option to pull back shared content at any time
Locked notes to ensure data authenticity
Geo location based data access
Data on client’s server possible

Some Prime Reasons to Use SocioRAC

Why SocioRAC?

Innovation & Productivity

  • One Click Save for any content, any app, any screen, no need of screenshots or copy paste

  • Host data on the user server

  • Enterprise can Transfer content from one user to another remotely instantly

  • Geofencing and location-based content access

  • Schedule reminders/ calendar events in other users phone

  • Use text and tags with images/ other files

  • Save Emails you need, all your content at one place

  • Pop-up to save content without leaving the screen

  • Cross-link and manage files (save space), catalog them too

  • Search all text/ file formats in one go

  • Personal/ Enterprise and Public space

  • Selective Broadcast option

  • Content sent via Email to SocioRAC will be added automatically

  • See all your reminders/ calendar events in a new innovative look (personal/ business) –Consolidation to help you work more efficiently

Problem Solver

  • Content security once the employee leaves

  • Transfer of content to the new user

  • Accessibility of content without the device

  • Sales and order management – manageable on mobiles

  • Secured, effective and instant communication for solo and collaborative work

  • Access control of confidential information

  • Schedule meetings and reminders on the device on the teams to improve efficacy

  • Personal and business content on one platform in a secure environment which can be used anywhere

  • Save all kind of content instantly from any screen without leaving the screen and not to worry about Data loss

  • Keeps a copy locally and back up in the cloud, synced in real-time

  • Create reminder and calendar entries in other users’ phone

  • Organize content in folders,  give it tags and then search it and filter it

  • Have End to end data encryption giving 256-bit security

  • Send real-time notifications by admins and users

  • Create groups, share content and communicate with them easily and instantly

  • Search, cross-link and tag my content?


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