HyLyt is your ultimate solution for managing and organizing your valuable information. With its centralized repository, reduced distractions, improved productivity, enhanced security, and control over information sharing, you can focus on what matters most to your business.

HyLyT is a multi-platform information management and social sharing app. It enables users to save copied data as Reminders, Archive and Calendar entries, manage the data into folders, search and sort data by tags, info, etc. You can then filter data according to the source, folder and tags and share the data through various apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. across various devices and platforms.

Remember browsing a useful website, reading an interesting note, joke, article or message and getting that feeling to store it as fast as you can, but then, you have to copy it, open an app which can store it and then paste it. Sounds tedious, doesn’t it ? NO MORE, now with the help of HyLyT all you need to do is Select and click Copy, HyLyT will perform the rest. Any information which is saved can be referred to, analyzed, formatted, printed later or shared between various applications and devices, with just a few taps. The user can be notified effectively for important reminders and calendar entries. The app is passcode secured (optional), runs in the background and can be switched on/off as needed. The option to lock a folder can be additionally applied to increase the level of security. The data saved is also encrypted for privacy. Important documents from Word, PDF, Image and Excel can also be saved with the data. One of the unique features of HyLyT enables directly saving important emails received from specific email IDs without any additional effort from the user. Also, data saved can be shared across multiple social media platforms with a single click.

We know that your data is very important and we have various levels of securities. Your data is protected with encryption which ensures that other than you, no one can access your data. There is an added option to secure your information by locking your application with a 6 pin passcode to protect access to your data if your phone is unlocked. If you want additional security, you can securely pass-code selected folders, i.e., our app provides multi-level security.

While logging into your existing account we need a few moments to Sync/Get your data from our cloud servers. Tapping this option will bring all your data, i.e., your content, folders, tags, sources, attachments etc. from the backup on our server to your phone for faster access.

Swipe Right from the left edge of your screen for the side menu and tap on ‘Logout’ option. Then tap on “Yes” on the confirmation dialog box.

Swipe Right from the left edge of your screen for the side menu, tap on “User Information” option, then tap on “Change Password” option. Enter your current password and your new password and then tap on “Change password” option.

Print Preferences control “What information from your content” is displayed in the PDF file/printed to your printer. To modify this – Swipe Right from the left edge of your screen for the side menu, tap on “Settings” option. Then tap on “Print Preferences”, select the content that you want to print and tap on “SAVE” option.

Please refer to the support section for this.

There is a ‘Forget’ option on the screen where you enter your passcode. Tap on it and you will receive an e-mail with your Password or PIN on your registered email ID. Use this password to unlock the App or the Folder.

 Tap on “Settings” from the side menu (swipe right on the left edge of the home screen), there is a “Pop-Up” option, simply click on “None”. You can even snooze the bubble feature. Snoozing this feature will stop the feature popping up for 2 hours.

Once you select the content you want to take to the app, simply tap on “Share” option to take the content to the app.

While being in any of the folder views (all Folder or any particular folder), tap on “Filter” option on the top (funnel-shaped icon), select the required options (single or multiple) and tap on “Next” to view the results as per the filter conditions applied.

While being in a folder, (on the top just right to the funnel-shaped “Filter” option, there is a pair of arrows facing opposite directions) & Tap on “Sort”. You can also reverse this by tapping on “Reverse” option.

Search for the content that you want to highlight/prioritize/star and tap on “Star” Option on the top right corner, to star it.


Search for the content that you want to remove highlight/prioritize/star and tap on “Star” option on the top right corner, to remove it.

Open the App & Tap on the “+” option & Choose from any of Reminder/Archive/Calendar & Then tap on “Save” option on the top right corner to save the content. OR You can add content by using the Pop-Up. Open the app from which you want to add information, long press the text to select it, then tap on “Copy” option & The HyLyT dialog box will pop-up & Choose from the content options and then tap on “Save” option.

By default, our application is designed to meet your requirements, i.e. on the specified date, a reminder will occur on your notification section 2 hours prior to the specified time. This will give you enough time to plan. Tap on the Save option at the top right corner. OR Tap on the content you want to edit and then tap on the “Edit” option available on the top right. After editing the appropriate content, tap on Save option at the top right corner.

You can add tags to single content by directly editing it. OR You can tap on the three vertical dots while being in a folder and then select “Add Tag(s)”, & Select the multiple contents and tap on “Next” & Select the tags and tap on “Next” to confirm.

Tap on the three vertical dots a.k.a. “Options” & Tap on “Move to Folder” or “Copy to Folder” option respectively & Select multiple content that you want to move or copy and tap on “Next” & Select the folder to complete the operation.

 Tap on the three vertical dots a.k.a. “Options” & Tap on “Merge” & Select the content that you want to merge and tap on “Next” & Tap on “OK” to confirm. PLEASE NOTE CONTENT WILL ALWAYS BE MERGED INTO THE FIRST NOTE SELECTED, which means that the merged note will have the source, folder and tags of the first note.

Swipe Right from the left edge of your screen for the side menu and then Tap on the “Help” Option. OR Contact us on help@HyLyT.com. We will get back to you ASAP.

Download the Application – Register New User

 Your data is sent to another user using a secure encryption technique.

You will have to give permission to access your contacts. You need to save Users registered email address to see other users.

Yes, HyLyT works with Email Ids to share information.

You can always upgrade to the Premium Plan instantly from Playstore or App Store. For the Business Plan, you can raise a request and someone from the team will reach out to you soon.

Go to the menu option, choose Settings, you will find an option to delete your account. You will receive an OTP in your email, enter the OTP and submit. Your account will be deleted.

Go to Groups screen, you will find options on the top right corner. Choose Add Group option, give Group Description, then select members and Save.

This functionality is not available on the Web.

Go to the menu, you will find an option to manage folders, from there you can swipe to Edit or Delete. You can choose the Add option to create a new folder.

Go to menu, choose Settings, set the four-digit Pin, select the Folders that you want password protected or Hidden and Save. You have the option to enable fingerprint to unlock the hidden folders. To retrieve the Hidden folders, you will find the HyLyt logo on your Folder screen, click on that, it will ask for your Pin or fingerprint.

You can go to menu and open Settings, you will find and option of Theme and Mode.

Yes, type your message in the bottom textbox from home screen in application and send to the desired contact.

It snoozes Pop up for the next 2 hours.

Yes it is. You can always share data between two profiles depending on the access given to the user by the admin.

Go to menu, open Settings, you will find the option to Backup and Restore.

You can delete the data which you don’t need or want.

Check the Sent Folder or the default folder that you have.

You can send it as a Locked Note, Restricted Note or both.

Create a reminder and send it to the desired user’s HyLyt account.

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