5 Ways to Become the Best Parents with SocioRAC

When being a parent you keep a lot of things in mind. You as a parent want the best for your child in terms of everything. But being a parent is a tough job and it requires a lot of effort from both ends. You need to organize your child’s studies, food, clothes, health and play in the right manner so that they grow up to be sensible human beings and flourish in whatever they do.

Being a working parent or a housewife handling all fronts and remembering each task for your child and home is hard. SocioRAC has a solution for organizing everything for your child and also making it easy for you to remember everything in one go and in one place. It also helps your child to grow while sharing with them what you feel is correct for them.

Here are 5 ways to become the Best Parents with SocioRAC :

1) Save important Dates

Your child’s Parent meeting? Annual functions? Events? Result Day? Tours and short trips for your child? Save each and every important date related to your child on the calendar and make it easy for yourself. Take out time to do what you are best at and let us concentrate on helping you and your child’s progress.

2) Retain Article

Read an article on the internet and you loved it? Save the article from the internet directly on the app and open it when you want to show your child or discuss it with him. Similarly, if you like any videos online you can save them on SocioRAC’s drive and show them to your child later. Retain all content and review later.

3) Be anywhere but with them

You are at work and worried about your child’s homework or studies? Here we have a solution for you. Be anywhere in the world and stay connected to your child through our whiteboard feature. You can discuss homework, give ideas and check your child’s studies’ status.

4) Share Calendar with your spouse

Share the calendar with your spouse, add the calendar dates, delete the ones that you do not need and remind each other of what important schedules you need to set for your child. Not only can you save the dates on your calendar but also on your spouse’s calendar. You can get access to each other’s calendar and change and add dates accordingly which will make things easy for you to remind in these busy days where you have to remember a lot of things. Make yourself at ease by using the calendar feature. Track your child’s results on the calendar.

5) Quick Note Feature

Went to a meeting without your child? Jot down notes about their progress, flaws, and future in our quick note feature. Whenever you go home sit with your child and discuss the points with them and make them understand. Not only the meeting but all the points related to your child can be recorded in this feature and shared with him later.

Make your life easy with us & track your child’s progress and remember dates and events related to them with us. Download the app now. For more features and information visit us on https://www.sociorac.com/

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