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About Rajat Singhania

“I am on a mission to make data management easy, so that you never have to face the problems that I as an entrepreneur had to !”

Rajat an alumni of St. Columba’s School, Delhi and Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi is fond of technology & finding solutions to day-to-day problems using technology with out-of-the-box thinking.

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Rajat Singhania

Rajat an alumni of St. Columba’s School, Delhi and Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi is fond of technology & finding solutions to day-to-day problems using technology with out-of-the-box thinking.

Rajat started using computers in 1984 while attending school; he learnt programming, made an accounting program, and won an award from his school for that. He has garnered more than 28 years of experience in setting up, expanding, and running multiple family-owned businesses.

He has managed a team of more than 55 technology professionals, providing medical/legal and general transcription services to various clients in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

He also has business-to-business (B2B) experience in the brick and mortar industry on the distribution side. He has also managed a team of coders and developers to create software solutions and mobile apps for his clients in the United States and India. Associated with SRCC alumni, Business Network International (BNI), Vadodara Marathon (VM), Vadodara Navratri Festival (VNF), Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI), Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association (GESIA), NASSCOM and TiE SiliconValley.

Our Vision, Story & Mission

Our Vision

To generate 2.5 billion man-hours of additional productive time by 2025, allowing users to save and manage all their important information  using one app.  Stay focused with HyLyt!

Our Story

Our founder Rajat Singhania faced a major data loss. It deeply affected his business and management. In order to make sure this never happens with anyone, the journey of HyLyt (by SocioRAC) started!

Our Mission

Leverage digital technology to help you manage your digital data overload smartly and efficiently.

Our app allows users to securely manage information on different applications without the fear of data breaching.

Our Advisory Board

Our Team


Chirayu Dalwadi

Chirayu is an alumni of M.S. University of Baroda and his passion lies in solving technological problems, especially in developing web and mobile apps. He has done his Bachelors and Masters in the field of software technologies. He has an experience of more than 10 years in creating a Mobile app on Android/ iOS. He has managed a team of 15+ technology professionals, which includes Developers, designers, and testers. Products developed under his guidance are recognized by TiE, Echelon, Rise Conference, Amazon City on a Cloud Challenge, Economic Times – Power of Ideas, Start-Up India, Startup Istanbul, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Delhi, DAIICT and many more.

What does your Chief Technology Officer do all day? Often times, it seems like people are thinking it’s synonymous with “that guy who gets paid to sit in the corner and think ‘technical’ deep thoughts” or “that guy who gets to swoop in a rearrange my project at the last minute on a whim.”

Chirayu ensures the company’s technology strategy serves its business strategy. If that sounds either too simple or too generic, think for a second if any companies you know do the reverse. Have you ever heard a technologist use technical mumbo-jumbo to make it sound like a business idea he or she didn’t like was basically impossible? That’s what we should be trying to avoid.

ram jha

Business Development Manager

Ram Jha

Ram Is an Alumni of Savitribai Phule University Pune. He has done his Bachelors in field of
Finance and Entrepreneurship and MBA in the field of Marketing. He has an experience of 3
years in the field of sales and marketing in various sectors like Real estate, Import, and export
and IT solutions.

Role of Business Development Manager is to regularly collaborate with Founder and CVO
Mr. Rajat Singhania to Strategies on various aspects like Leads Generation, Managing Clients,
Providing Demo and Walkthrough to clients and get those clients on board on Hylyt. Ram
also manages the backend technical department which includes like testing of bugs,
providing suggestions and solutions to issues and working on new upcoming features on

Hylyt is a new way of managing your business or personal information and your team on
a single platform with an advanced level of security. Hylyt helps you and your team to
enhance productivity by saving 30 Minutes of your day every day, which leads to boost
the profitability of your business. Use Hylyt for your one go solution for all needs.

Data Security Advisor

Nikunj Bhatiya

Mr. Nikunj Bhatiya is a Cyber Security Consultant with 8+ years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. He aims to cybersecurity
businesses across the globe. He is one of the few World’s Leading Cyber Security Expert who excels in each and every Offensive Cybersecurity service, which are the most in-demand services to secure the business from cyber-attacks. Nikunj has worked in each and every industry and has an expertise in Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing which is the most advanced technique to cyber secure your business. He is the founder and CEO of Webs-Cure Technologies. Nikunj also empowers young minds by providing University Bootcamps which encourages students to take up cybersecurity as a profession.

HyLyt can highlight your Cyber Secured business.


Business Development Manager

Aditya Singh

He holds the experience of 3 years in business development. As a Business Development Manager at Hylyt, he gets the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and it’s his responsibility to the Generate leads, Get the clients on Hylyt, and provide the best service to them.

Why Hylyt.?
Hylyt makes us productive by enhancing the way we access, browse, save, and share
data. Hylyt helps me save me 30 mins a day and secures my data 24*7.

Business Planning

Harsh Shah

B2B Marketing Strategist / Business Growth Consultant

Harsh is a strategic marketing consultant with over 7 years of marketing experience in service, manufacturing industries, and retail.

He is working as a marketing consultant to develop and implement a growth strategy, market research, marketing plan, sales strategy, disruptive innovation, brand strategy, advertising, and pricing strategies.

Additionally, evaluate and review marketing campaigns, advertising and SEO to make sure the correct mediums are being used and campaigns are effective work, closely with in-house or external creative agencies to design marketing materials such as brochures and adverts, and conduct market research reports.

Furthermore, track marketing performance and return on investment and prepare weekly or monthly reports for management and monitor and report on competitor activity.

HyLyt is a fantastically featured application with a bot companion or a helping hand with huge brain capabilities.

The techie personal bot, who takes complete task ownership and achieve the targets on time. HyLyt manages my schedules, data sharing or storage with a secured connection in a data-driven era.

AV Channels

Harsh Dua

He has post graduated from Parul University and is known for his creative set of skills.He is our Creative Video Guide. He makes sure all our Social Media Videos, Customer Testimonials, and Company Videos are droolworthy.

Testing and Community coordination

Manvesh Kajale

Manvesh  is the youngest team member helping find bugs and manage the community. The role of the software test manager is to lead the testing team. The Test Manager takes full responsibility for the project’s success. The role involves quality & test advocacy, resource planning & management, and resolution of issues that impede the testing effort. The role of a community manager is to act as the bridge between a brand and the community it is aiming to create.

Managing multiple profiles, he also manages to study for his BE. IT from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology. Carrying out fun activities for building community among students of his college.

Keep your Schedule light (soft on self) and highlighted (save time), it’s very useful for people like me who must manage multiple profiles as such. HyLyt is what I prefer over traditional notepad and reminders.

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