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HyLyt is a multi-platform integrated information management and content sharing app. It enables users to save copied data as Reminders, Archives, and Calendar entries, manage the data into folders, search and sort the data by, tags, source, etc., You can also filter it according to source, folder and tags and then share the data internally or through various apps like Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. across various devices and platforms.

HyLyt, a gathering of folks from various walks of life. Suave designers, magical engineers, sales hustlers, calm-as-rock customer champions are just some of the very cool people you get to work with.

In just a few months, we have grown from nothing to a full-fledged, modern and robust information management application. Our customers swear by our tech and UI UX and we are ecstatic to see people enjoy the results of our fanatic focus on making data management simple and accessible.

Life at HyLyt is amazing!

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