Remote Work Cyber Risks that HyLyt Can Overcome

According to the international research statistics, only 25-29 percent of professionals were able to work from home pre the COVID pandemic onslaught. . Of these “work from home” professionals, most of them would like to continue such arrangements for the rest of their career.

Now, most of the employees and employers don’t have an option but to move their entire tasks to the cloud and employees working from home. Hence everyone has started experiencing multiple complications that are involved with remote working.

The biggest threat in the age of remote working is online data security. It is not just more challenging but also extremely important to keep data secure when tasks are being coordinated online. Homes are not meant to be full-blown offices; hence they lack the data security measures built into the office spaces. Therefore, using home-based networks to exchange data will always be much more vulnerable to data breaches and siphoning of information.

Struggling for productivity appears a lesser challenge when working from home when information security issues can actually put the entire business at risk. The challenges involved in connecting remotely must be anticipated and mitigated before work goes online.

There are multiple cyber risks associated with remote working which can be due to (and not limited to ) email-based phishing threats with malicious links, endpoint remote location facing-security gaps and inadvertent intent of remote users to make copies of sensitive data.

As opposed to the office environment, where there are large IT teams deployed for security control of wifi networks, the home broadband has weaker security protocols as it remains unaudited by corporate IT managers. This gives an imminent window of opportunity to hackers for quickly accessing the network traffic and the data being exchanged.

In case a security breach happens, hackers can gain access to the users’ device. In such eventualities, if the device is logged on multiple apps and networks, it becomes almost impossible to avoid hackers gaining unauthorized access to all the accounts in near real-time.

Overcoming the remote working security challenges needs a partner that offers workflows to avoid and/or contain a breach. HyLyt app ensures the administrator can restrict usage and sharing rights at the level of every individual. This will keep the data out of bounds from attempts of sending to unknown sources or copying without permissions.

With the HyLyt solution, supervisors can remotely stop device access and delete data in case anomalies, and suspicious activities are observed. The features of role-based rights can ensure that people working in securer networks have higher admin rights than the ones using a vulnerable connection.

HyLyt provides for ghost user utility to monitor the conversations and transactions online. In the eventual requirement of secure content transfer from one person to another, it can be done remotely and instantly with HyLyt.

If you are compelled for multi-user online remote working, HyLyt is your right partner to protect data, eliminate changes of multi-device access breaches and evade any attempts of unauthorized data copying and transfer. It’s truly a secure, safe solution with effective controls.

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