SocioRAC in Indian Newspapers!

SocioRAC has become the pride of India By making it’s way to Silicon Valley for getting selected amongst top 50 Startups in the world! On this note, A leading print media organisation wrote an article expressing benefits of using SocioRAC and words of Rajat Singhania.


Times of India writes “Vadodara: Captured a screenshot or copied a link that you want to save on your smartphone? Most of the phone users find it a tedious exercise that also eats into their phone’s memory.But saving that important message, link or photos would be possible by just a touch. A city-based startup has come up with a solution that helps you save important stuff and also organize it in different folders. Mobile Techno, founded by Rajat Singhania, has launched a mobile application SocioRAC that may change the way users save messages and photos on their phones. “Currently, a smartphone user has to copy the link, exit the window and send it to himself in email or make a note of it. Our app will allow the user to save anything he or she is reading with just click of a button,” Rajat Singhania told TOI.

TOI News

📷 “The user can save photos, links, documents or messages in folders like archives and sort them in categories like personal and work. One can create his own folder by other names too. A click of the button will save the photos or messages in any of the folders you want,” Singhania said. “It won’t use up your phone memory. And the saved stuff will be synced directly to the cloud so a user can access it from anywhere in the world. One can even form groups with others having this app and share anything,” he added.The innovation was selected as a Tie50 finalist by TieCon Silicon Valley for 2017 among the 1,200 startups from 22 countries and the startup was also selected among the Top 100 by the Echelon Asia for 2017 for this innovation.“Whatsapp revolutionized text messaging industry and our app will change the way people save their important stuff,” Singhania said.”Source Times of India

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