how to boost employee productivity

How to Boost Employee Productivity with HyLyt


Mobile devices have changed the way we interact online. Many employers wonder if mobile productivity apps can improve business efficiency at work. HyLyt had taken a survey to investigate:

  • If mobile apps have the potential to increase employee productivity and satisfaction
  • How you can test the productivity benefits of productivity apps
  • Which 3 features of HyLyt help boost business productivity

Who should be reading this?


1. Interested in efficiency benefits from smartphone apps.

2. Using smartphone devices for task monitoring programs to check an increasing inefficiency.

3. To define the capabilities of the Mobile Device that can improve employee engagement, happiness, and dedication.

Is mobile the Platform for Productivity?

Mobile devices are transforming the way we perceive content digitally and communicate with it.

Apps and controls on devices are typically more sophisticated than computers. They allow us to touch the device, display content vertically or horizontally and see embedded video and photographs.

More than two-thirds of Indians today carry smartphones. As consumers, we spend 40 percent of our time online on our mobile devices. It should come as no surprise therefore that employees might prefer mobile apps for work.

The positive news is that analysts agree that smartphone devices will also improve the efficiency of workers.

Employers realized in our study of 10 businesses that utilizing smartphone devices would increase workplace morale by 40 per cent. Gujarat’s fast-growing digital marketing firm “”, Vadodara, took part in the trial and checked this by moving its key HR systems to HyLyt, with a drastic growth in usage and a significant rise in employee productivity and happiness. They also learnt that companies realised that smartphone devices have the ability to improve profitability for their employees.

3 Features of HyLyt that Helped Boost Business Productivity during the Experiment

Not all software is made equal. Although most companies provide a smartphone device, employees need to ensure that the software is built to facilitate profitability in the workplace itself.

Prachi Mehta,, recommends these three features of HyLyt that helped them improve productivity:

Alerts and notifications – Reminders are designed to engage employees by assisting them in carrying out important work.

Information security and Data protection – Task management systems hold sensitive employee details in databases and ensuring that the smartphone app data is protected (especially because mobile apps are likely to exit the workplace) is crucial. The security can provide mechanisms in 2 ways – defence and encryption.

Suit the way employees function – Apps need to represent how our employees operate to make them more effective. For starters HyLyt is an employee productivity app that helped us think about the period our workers have taken to finish a job and the factors for the pause. It helped us increase efficiency among the employees. Employees are concerned only with their own tasks but managers need to be able to supervise their team, group or department. In this case, HyLyt offers features for top level management.

How to Review Results

We have done a qualitative and quantitative process analysis to determine whether HyLyt would have a positive impact on profitability. In terms of quality, the staff was interviewed about what they think of the program, how easy it is to use it, how much the program influences their capacity to accomplish tasks and how satisfied they are with it.


Our analysis reveals that they liked using HyLyt, as users. Since we are constantly utilizing our smartphones for online time, it makes sense for workers to choose a company over smartphones. This means that smartphone devices like HyLyt have the ability to improve profitability and save more than what companies considered imaginable, 30 minutes of an employee’s day.

Since most companies utilize Task Management Applications, HyLyt may be among the easiest methods to assess their ability for efficiency. Employers can select HyLyt to deliver warnings and updates to staff, protect sensitive details and represent how users function.

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