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How to Manage Your Remote Teamwork Effectively

Remote teamwork is the new normal, and while some managers may find it slightly difficult, there are ways to make it work like collaboration in a physical work setting. If it is the first time you are going to manage a virtual team or handling team data from a distance, then we have some interesting tips to get you going and be successful during these challenging times.

1. Maintain constant communication

Although it goes without saying, it is highly important not to lose touch with any of your team members, especially when it may be stressful and complicated for them to work from home. Many people are used to their office setup and feel lonely even while being a part of a remote team. However, regular communication can ease them, as well as you as a leader. It also reduces the chances of work errors if proper team communication leads to task clarity.

2. Strengthen the connect

Build team connections using virtual one-on-one and group meetings by way of online audio-visual platforms. You may also use enterprise team collaboration apps. The remote team management software like HyLyt can help to improve the productivity of your virtual team through secured business chats and similar tools. While your teams will be able to schedule meetings and events without much effort, they can also filter information using multiple parameters and exchange with each other even on social media to strengthen their teamwork.

3. Manage data and information securely

Along with staying connected, efficient teamwork requires the members to provide accurate, timely information to each other. However, we understand your security concern during virtual data exchange. Again, the solution is to use some highly secure remote team management software like HyLyt, which prevents the re-sharing and forward of sensitive information you send to specific recipients.

You not only have safe cloud storage but also the content sharing and storage restrictions that can be applied at varied levels. Additionally, the end-to-end encryption and user-level security come with these apps. This makes it easier to lock information in virtual folders, reduce time in new content transfer, and interconnect data from many teams and team members.

4. Offer feedback and resources

You need to take care of your team’s needs in the same way as you do at your workplace. Make sure to keep all team members updated through constructive feedback. Check on them to know about the technology and other resources they require for working more effectively at individual and team levels. Email and text them often, while not being too clingy. Moreover, set realistic expectations from you and your team in order to manage those expectations successfully. Tell your team how you will measure their success in order to reward them.

5. Stay clear on deliverables

A critical part of managing remote teamwork is to define the scope of work and set achievable deadlines. Ensure that every team member is aware of their deliverables on each project. As you may be managing a widely distributed team or a team working in different time zones, avoid micro-managing every activity and give flexibility to achieve the expected outcomes. Make your team members feel free and motivate them to be more productive.

6. Train your team on productivity enhancing technology

Even the best of employees can go lethargic while working remotely. Thus, it is important to give them frequent breaks for doing personal tasks and entertainment, without compromising on the team productivity. As a manager or leader, it is in your own favour to train your team to use some advanced-level productivity enhancing technology. You may train them on the remote team management software, such as HyLyt, which can help them in multiple ways. HyLyt is remote teamwork software that makes the task of managing our team very easy.

While your team members will be able to save time through quick note taking and one-click content sharing to multiple platforms, you will also be able to do the same by scheduling reminders and calendar events directly on their phones, without them making any effort. In fact, such a software can help you with distant training too. Even if you hire a new virtual team member, you can do knowledge transfer to them, just like you would do in an office setting. Technology can be a true saviour in many more ways than you may come to notice.

Thus, whether you organise a virtual team celebration event or conduct video meetings, make sure to always build and manage such a remote team that remains in a positive frame of mind.

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