How can HyLyt enhance your productivity?

Are you someone who has to juggle a lot between finding relevant information on different platforms, saving them in one place, and sharing it with your peers?

While you continue to multitask do you find it hard to keep a track of your daily notes and reminders?

By the end of the day, do you often feel that you wasted more time sorting things rather than working on it?

Well, according to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. On average it almost takes up 20% of your productive hours.

So, the point is why to waste so much of your productive hours, when you can have an app that can manage your data for you? With HyLyt your productivity can be enhanced by more than 6% giving you a better way to add, save, share, classify, and access data.

1. HyLyt changes the way you make notes or browse and save information

Multitasking can be really hard when you have to make notes and also browse for important data. This can use a lot of your time, in trying to recall which information was saved where. With HyLyt, you can easily save the data in one place. In the app, you can also specify what kind of data it is. For example, you can tag if it is for personal use, for a future read or work information.

To access all this information, all you have to do is open the HyLyt app and just type in the relevant tag or simply access the data in the relevant folders. This definitely will help you save your productive hours every day.

2. Safe Communication

With HyLyt, you can securely communicate by creating an intranet without being scared of the critical information being leaked.  HyLyt lets you and your team easily chat within the app and it also lets you securely share documents while you chat.

3. Set Reminders

With HyLyt you can easily plan all your tasks of the day and also set a reminder for the same. HyLyt also lets you set reminders for an important meeting or a project deadline on any other HyLyt users’ phone. With this, you can make sure all your tasks and all your deadlines are never missed. The reminders will help you stay focussed during your productive hours.

4. One-click Share

HyLyt easily lets you share all your saved links or documents with just one-click. You can quickly share the data on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Emails, and WhatsApp. The one-click share will save a lot of your time which you might have otherwise wasted in going to and fro between all the social media platforms.

HyLyt’s features make you productive by enhancing the way you access, browse, save, and share data. HyLyt can be your go-to app to check how you can be more productive.

With HyLyt, multitask in a more dynamic way!


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