Information Management – A need in 21st century

In 2020, everyone requires an information management system where they can create, process, organize, and distribute information for their customers’ consumption. Be it a large-sized organization or a freelancer, the emphasis is always on a system that allows easy information management. 

Why is information management gaining importance every day?

Information is the heart and soul of any business as in this era of digital information; easy management means increased business efficiency and time. The following challenges in any business cannot be overlooked and thus you must have an information management system that makes information management easy.

  • Employees spend about 25% of their time in creating and organizing information. Searching for this information after a certain period is also time-consuming
  • With so much data available on the internet and new websites coming up on Google, saving authentic information from reliable sources is crucial for any business for further processing and utilizing
  • Sharing this processed data via social media, chat messengers, email, etc. is essential for any business. 

Today, in this digital era, universities conduct specialized courses on data management and many computer courses have information management as a core subject. Why do you think students are well versed with information management? It is because there is a demand for such specialists who can efficiently conduct information management activities.

These courses have helped graduates bring the efficiency of information management in the organization. The need for such qualified experts in a company well defines the increased fevered rate of information management. 

What is possible when information management is made easy?

We all know the value of information and we cannot deny the importance of a secured management system which will ease the process of information consumption. 

Information management allows building strategies, designing a project plan, handling customer data! In any organization, information management determines processing and consumption for producing business results. Thus, every organization has its protocols for handling data, ethical practices, and managing sensitive or private data. This calls for a secured information management system in place, whereby all business protocols can be met.

In business sectors, where maintaining transparency is a legal requirement, organizations face pressures of handling their customer data with complete responsibility and ethically. This demands a need for an information management system that is easy and efficient. In the worst-case scenario, where these companies fail to organize their information, the consequences can be troublesome. Thus, they take the entire system of information management more seriously and always want a secured and trusted management system.

With an easy information system, it is found that every employee can save his/her thirty minutes of the day, which equals ten hours a month for each employee. This is possible because the information management system allows a simple, structured, and secure way of creating, retaining, and sharing information. 

How to Manage Information System?

We have our information management system, named HyLyt, which is growing to become an integral part of any business. Through HyLyt, you can create, process, manage and store information at a single click. Hylyt is nothing less than a one-stop solution for information management in 2020.

Whether you need to transfer any data from anywhere into HyLyt, or create them on your own, you can do whatever your job demands. Then, sort this data using different color stickers, and also find all data efficiently through a search bar. 

Through Hylyt all your information, whether it is scheduling a social media calendar or strategizing your business, can be eased. The complexities of handling various features can be easily handled through this multiple feature app. 

What makes HyLyt Stand out?

This information management system app is available on a web portal and app, which makes the entire system of information accessible, productive, and powerful. Without worrying about anything, you can switch screens and easily access information through your pocket. 

A user of HyLyt can secure his app with 2-level security. The folders inside can be locked to maintain the complete privacy of data.

In this world of innovation, a strategy built on information must be highly secure and kept protected. Thus, we ensure end-to-end 256-bit encryption so that your information is only under your control. 

  • With the HyLyt information management app, the enterprise has complete control over the information. It thus can restrict employees from sharing or taking away information that is crucial to the company. This ensures good hygienic information practice within an organization
  • With HyLyt, you can give a sense of freedom to the employees and they can manage their personal and professional data on the same system. This eases their work and schedule, thereby adding productivity at work
  • Get huge storage capacity of cloud and save space on your drive and avoid duplication too
  • At a single click, the content can be broadcast to all users, thus saving the team managers or HR from sending one-to-one messages to the employees.
  • When a new employee joins, the companies spend a lot many hours in information management and sharing. With HyLyt, you can transfer data from the previous to the new employee in very little time. This saves a lot of your time and gets the employee on the job right away. In a single-go you can instantly delete data of a user, thus denying him rights to use any information of the company
  • Schedule a calendar in other HyLyt users’ app without requiring their effort
  • You can share the data on the client’s server through HyLyt

With so many security and customized features, HyLyt has all the features to replace multiple apps for an information system. With one app, you can manage calendar, notes, cloud storage, business messaging and content solutions.

Now imagine, a single app for multiple problems – doesn’t life seem sorted already?


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