Increasing Engagement With Your Team Using Hylyt

Engaging with your employees to build a relationship beyond the workspace and motivation to drive the individual to accomplish his/her tasks beyond the scope of work has been a team building challenge ever since the establishment of the first ever team force. Doing the same now with the current fashion of working style in the pandemic is more challenging than it sounds. However, is it truly as hard to associate with our kin in the new ordinary? Not really. In this writeup, we present to you the compelling approaches to fulfill your remote work forces through the guide to achieve some unimaginable virtual commitment amongst your team. Embrace yourself to firstly understand how important it is to deliver more than just mails and messages, or expect timely reports from even the best of the lot. More than 80% of the workers today have a common emotion of lack of team spirit, majorly because some of them have not even met or interacted with their fellow kins beyond the boundaries of a zoom call. So how does a collaborative platform whose primary role is to manage the work and information, come into play in this scenario? And why is it a significant topic of discussion today?

  • The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005. (Source: Global Workplace Analytics)
  • By 2028, 73% of all departments will have remote workers. (Source: Upwork) – 76% of workers would be more willing to stay with their current employer if they could work flexible hours. (Source: FlexJobs)
  • Companies that allow remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t. (Source: Owl Labs)

Keeping the above stated facts in check, the notion now is to create a virtual nest for the bussing team players. To nudge your employees toward feeling cheerful, fulfilled, and most importantly have a sense of belongingness towards their work environment is what differentiates good from great. The present workers need something more than their compensation. They need to feel appreciated, esteemed, and grow as they seek after their professions. However, that is not all! More noteworthy degrees of commitment have been connected to more prominent usefulness, execution, and fulfillment among the workers that end up driving better results for the business. Taking this euphoric scenario into a virtual implementation, here are some simple steps you can take with the help of HyLyt:

  1. Together, we solve:

Ever since we aged up to be a conscious child, the sense of accomplishment in solving problems and puzzles has been a proven way of driving key motivation. Keeping the same in this context, within your firm group and regroup teams on a weekly/monthly routine and share healthy puzzles that are to be solved as a team. With the excellent private data sharing and multiple chat rooms available at HyLyt, the teams can easily share their ideas and place it together at a single stop. These problems can be related or completely unrelated to the profession, but undoubtedly have to be challenging with an incentive at the end. Team A and Team B are to perform a task and the losing team gets to cover an extra shift for the winning team, now that’s how the participation and conversation begins.

The idea is to involve everyone at their levels to come together and perform beyond the scope of individual liabilities and responsibilities.

  1. Themed Days:

HyLyt allows multiple conference calls along with a calendar that notifies you in advance, causing no delay or drop. Pick one day in a week/fortnite and express your request to each and every employee to open their cameras and have a themed meet. It could vary from a famous celebrity to a character in a famous web series, make sure the themes you decide are catchy for your employees to initiate the participation.

Towards the end of these calls, take out another 15 minutes to appreciate the best dressed employees and motivate the others to do more, this can even be followed by small incentives from your end. The possibilities are endless, the platform is the same.

  1. Spill the tea:

The app’s video conferencing feature helps build better relations by allowing remote employees to share information and interact personally. In any office culture, the intra communication of the members leaves them more satisfied than their dealings with the superiors. Here’s a chance to open that block of gap that has been created due to lack of personal interaction. On every long call, make sure you give a 5 minute tea/coffee break to your team or consciously ask any two to three random members of the meeting to connect amongst themselves and handle the task at hand. This does not only boost their confidence at individual scales, but also allows them to have more conversations amongst each other. Spilling the tea is a very commonly used technique to create an informal icebreaker between individuals that result in building bonds, knowing the individual, creating trust, and having credibility.

  1. A Planned Random:

Lastly, learn to pick a moment during your meetings where you are able to initiate a conversation that is completely random. Planned conversations are staged and often lead to opening up only half the lid, you need to be approachable in this absolutely unapproachable era of virtual conduct. Once the priorities are put in place, encourage opinions on momentary concerns that are unrelated to your firm. It can range from a political situation, to the upcoming championships, or even the launch of a new mobile phone. While keeping the work related conduct professional and formal in the way it is supposed to be, make sure your meetings are not just about that. You can access information saved from any app, device, or location on HyLyt and present it as a topic of discussion generating valuable and memorable conversations.

Whatever you do, choose: HyLyt

Employing a cost-effective and efficient platform like HyLyt can enable communication and collaboration at a greater scale than just your mundane task sheets. The app is made to share information seamlessly, making it easier for you and your employees to come together and build a business that aims at a longer run. With a one stop solution for all your problems, HyLyt is your catalyst of making a difference in your business in a true sense.


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