Intra And Inter Team Communication And Communication Via Hylyt

Communication is what makes an organisation thrive. It binds all kinds of information together to provide effective and efficient results, and it is what team-work is built on. Working in an organisation where co-dependency on fellow employees and employees from different departments is vital, a structured communication channel is considered the staff of life. On the flipside, miscommunication has been identified as a major reason for pitfalls and hindrances in the running of an organisation.


In common parlance one often makes the mistake of using the words inter and intra synonymously, and this can lead to confusion. In their actual meanings, the terms mean completely different things. The difference between intrapersonal and interpersonal communication lies behind the words inter and intra: inter meaning between different groups of people and intra meaning between the members of a single group.


Interpersonal communication is a style of communication where two or more parties are involved. There is a need for both verbal and non-verbal mediums of communication to make sure messages are given and received to perfection. From the point of view of an organisation, interpersonal communication is the information, ideas and views shared between different teams of the organisation to achieve a common goal or between different organisations.


Intrapersonal communication is the style of communication where information and ideas are shared internally, among members of a group/team/organisation. In an organisational structure, verbal and non-verbal mediums of communication are required to share information. The result of the idea sharing inside a group is shared with other groups, establishing a connection between inter and intrapersonal styles.


In physical work spaces, having meetings across teams or with different organisations was easy. Now, along with the load of handling large volumes of differentiated data, one has to navigate both interpersonal and intrapersonal communication in a virtual setup. This requires new forms of communication platforms. HYLYT is the answer to all your questions. HYLYT is a new-age enterprise team collaborative platform. Especially designed to create ease-of-working in the workspace. It is a combination of different communication channels and an in-built information management system.

Here is a list of the features HYLYT provides for efficient and effective communication

  • Comprehensive File Storage and Sharing

HYLYT allows access of information from different folders and chats, which helps to avoid multiple downloads of the same file and saving disk space. This also helps in saving time that is taken to find data that needs to be shared.

  • In-app Video-conferencing

HYLYT has recently introduced video conferencing. It can be accessed not only through the web browser, but also through your mobile phone. It has a pop up chat box to share details in text and has a screen-share option. It also has a “Raise Hand” option that helps in avoiding cross talks.

  • Shared calendar

Whenever a user adds a reminder to their calendar, or saves a note, or schedules a meeting, they can choose to share that information which when shared, sets a reminder on the receiver’s HYLYT account. This helps avoid human error.

  • Group creation/coordination

HYLYT allows you to create controlled groups with variable rights and permissions so that meetings take place in a synchronised manner. This also helps to moderate people that are required to talk and people that are required to listen.

  • Information locking

HYLYT has a unique feature of locking and restricting the reach of information. It has options to lock information to ensure its authenticity and can also restrict forwarding of that data if need be.

  • Personal chat

HYLYT also provides chat boxes for personal one-to-one communication and group chats. These chats can also be password protected.This helps in avoiding information spills about confidential data.

  • Pull-back of information

HYLYT provides an interesting feature of being able to pull back content that has been shared. If information that is not relevant to the objective is mistakenly shared, the user has an option of pulling it back, to avoid confusion.

  • Chat recovery

HYLYT also provides recovery of chat conversations that have been deleted. Once deleted, they go to the “Trash” folder, where it can be recovered. This helps to create an environment with minimum data loss.

The pandemic has really shaken things up with respect to how we work, where we work and what we need to make sure that things run smoothly. After a lot of investigation, experimenting and testing, the dust is settling and the paradigm shift to “The new normal” is phasing in. Working from home has made us very dependent on technology and how it can help increase our productivity and save time. HYLYT has been crafted to cater to these exact needs. It is a one-stop-shop for any organisation that has been struggling to find their rhythm in the recent past. HYLYT will definitely provide the infrastructure required to have a productive workflow, channelised and secure communication and most of all, To manage time.




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