Virtual Meetings hylyt

Making Virtual Meetings More Effective With Hylyt

HyLyt is an enterprise management and
team collaboration app that
helps keep the information and work flowing in an office. It provides a one-stop
solution for all the major problems that can otherwise make an office
environment inefficient and slow. The app keeps the office connected virtually
and ensures smooth collaboration on projects. One other important use of HyLyt
is that it is also a video conferencing app. Besides, the HyLyt app provides all
the important information and features like notes, folders, calendar, chats and
reminders on a single screen. This makes meetings more effective, as all your
meeting requirements are right in front of you. It enables instant sharing of
information within and across groups. You can also schedule meetings and
reminders, conduct video conferences and take notes. Let’s do a quick rundown of
why HyLyt makes your video conferences more effective:

1. Meeting Preparation

First, HyLyt allows you to create groups and share information among those
groups in a secure manner. Unique conversation threads can also be created
within a group. This way scheduling a video conference becomes easy, as you can
instantly share the agenda, schedule, and other related information of your
meeting with the concerned stakeholders. The schedule of meetings also gets
marked on everyone’s calendars due to HyLyt. This helps employees to keep in
mind that they have to prepare for the video conference. If this doesn’t seem
enough, automatic reminders for the conference can also be scheduled for
everybody at one go. The features on the app help the participants to prepare
effectively for such meetings. The cloud storage allows employees to access the
important files remotely and, if required, share it with other stakeholders as
well. It is a paperless, remote and efficient method of accessing important
data. The information from different platforms or sources, such as web pages,
can be saved into your notes with a single-click on HyLyt. Otherwise, you can
manually create important notes for the meeting. To prevent confusion and for
easy retrieval, the information can be saved and sorted using coloured tags.
These facilities act as effective tools for the preparation of meetings.

Virtual Meetings hylyt

2. The video conference

Joining the video conference is easy, as all the participants can join the
meeting at the given schedule using the HyLyt app. This inbuilt video
conferencing feature on HyLyt enables you to conduct video conferences without
any additional subscriptions. Its “invite-only” participation feature makes the
process of conducting video conferences secure and hassle-free. Only those
participants that were given the invite beforehand can join the meeting and
there is no laborious process of adding participants manually one by one. The
participants can take notes on the app during the meeting. If some additional
information or file is required for an urgent discussion, it can be retrieved in
no time as well. This is due to the advance search feature on HyLyt that lets
you search files and information on its search bar. If notes or illustrations
were previously highlighted, the job is made even easier.

3. Outcome of the meeting

After the video conference has been finished, the outcome of the meeting can be
immediately shared on the app. The creators of HyLyt also understand the
importance of social media engagement in contemporary times, that’s why HyLyt
allows you to integrate social media handles onto the platform. This way the
important announcements or updates from the meeting can be shared instantly on
the social media handles of your business across platforms like Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. This keeps the stakeholders updated and your
business always in the public eye. Integrated social media feature saves the
trouble of separately posting the updates on it manually. Owing to these
features of HyLyt, your video conferences are surely going to be more effective.
HyLyt is not a typical
video conference app; rather video conferencing is one of its useful features. With HyLyt, you
don’t have to worry about the security of your data either. The messages and
data on the app are secured by end-to-end 256-bit encryption and multi-factor
security authentications.

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