Hylyt a 6 In 1 Solution for Smarter Management of Notes, Chats, Media and Files

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  • Wednesday, 30 December 2021
  • 2:30 – 3:30 pm

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    Our relational matrix structure enables you to save and manage all important organizational data across multiple apps and sources at one place. Centralized control over who can use the data and how they can use it. An All-in-One App that helps you save data from anywhere instantly, structure and recall it with ease, and collaborate with teams remotely, while protecting your intellectual property.

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    Some Prime Reasons to Use HyLyt

    Multi Factor Security Authentication

    Prevent Re-Share And Forward Of Information

    Knowledge Transfer From Old To New Employee

    Schedule Push Notifications

    Single Click Save From And App/ Screen

    Interconnect Information On Multiple Parameters


    • Date: 20th OCT 2021
    • Time : 12:00 PM
    • Zoom : Link

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      What Our Clients Say

      Harish Hagalvadi Nagaraja

      Now is the Digital Age. Information flows abundantly and managing information from different sources across different projects and teams is the challenge. If Information is managed well and decisions taken with the right information at the right time, efficiency improves across organizations.

      I feel that our product HyLyt solves all three areas of organizing information across platforms, data security and retrieving data with ease. This can be an efficient tool to organizations in this digital age.

      Harish Hagalvadi Nagaraja

      Managing Director and CEO, Kalya Technology Innovation Private Limited / Kalya Software Solutions, Founder and Chief Visionary, Success Formula 1

      Harsh Shah

      HyLyt is a fantastically featured application with a bot companion or a helping hand with huge brain capabilities.
      The personal techie bot takes complete task ownership and achieves the targets on time. HyLyt manages my schedules, data sharing or storage with a secured connection in a data-driven era.

      Harsh Shah

      Founder, Velox Consultants

      K K SHARMA

      HyLyt is a highly innovative and futuristic APP which is going to be the best IT software tool in the hands of business enterprises across the sectors of Industry as Unified Smart Information Management Software.

      We in Uptalent Platform, are leveraging on the strengths of the Partnership for IT based software products and will market and promote the same in North India, where we have a very strong presence and reach.

      K K SHARMA

      Managing Director – ICAII Computer & IT Skill Enhancement Institute (ICSE)

      Ajay Paul

      Hylyt, without a doubt, is a compelling tool for cooperates to manage their priorities from one place —It helps you to focus on what matters the most. Securely.

      Senior Vice President, Strategic Engagements & Advisory Relationships

      Devesh Chawla

      “Optimal performance, Beautiful Design!”

      Dr Amish Mehta

      “The smartest product in the market”

      Sandeep Sehgal

      “Data Sharing & Management have never been so easy”

      Chirayu Dalwadi

      “The best note-taking app for class, work, and life”

      Miten Mehta

      “An easy to use, versatile, productive and organization friendly multi-platform app.”

      Oren Eliezer

      “HyLyt is a great tool for storing any piece of info imaginable, having the ability to also retrieve it most efficiently. This includes images, lists, customer leads, and audio notes. The ease of sharing also makes it a great tool whether within a family setting or corporate.”

      Serial And Parallel Entrepreneur

      Anil Jha

      HyLyt solves one of the trickiest data problems – organizing and managing data to give time back to us. In this technology jungle where every application wants to overload us with data, HyLyt provides a relief”

      President And Ceo- Knowledge net; Board of Advisors at Thoughtwave Software and Solutions

      Michael Newman

      “Launching this app is a great testament to HyLyt’s management team. I am impressed by their ability to understand and execute the necessary priorities. I’m excited to see this next stage of HyLyt’s growth.”

      Strategic Advisor, GTM and Marketing Strategy

      Murli V

      “HyLyt, can help with ease to wade through, a flood of data and mostly unstructured and fragmented information in your work life, and helps highlight organize and store the same in a structured way which otherwise mostly gets lost or not retrievable when you need it most”

      Vice President at Enterprise Software and IT Company

      Sharad Mittal

      “HyLyt is a very innovative tool that brings a step change in productivity and reach with a company. Its unique features of offering secured messaging and data indexing, helps save significant time. A must for any corporate employee.”

      Business Partner at Competitive Capabilities Inc

      Ankur Bhasin

      “Who doesn’t want a little extra time on hand?”

      Director at Bhasin Group

      Debasis Chakraborty

      “One of the most robust, dynamic and flexible data management platforms, I have seen. One can manage and access data on the go, thus saving ïn-valuable”man-hours.”

      Co-Founder – Mainstage Incubator, Germany

      Samish Dalal

      HyLyt is a state of the art app, which is secure and powerful enterprise software like existing “internet based messenger apps” with multiple levels of approvals and even a ghost presence on the group etc… it is a very ideal app for businesses having around many employees or having many dealers who would be using the data/information.


      Associate Professor at S P Jain School Of Global Management

      Deepak (GK) Ramsurrun

      Everyday we access, via our phone, numerous information and data on internet, social network and emails, where we struggle to keep them in one place to access later. The interesting benefit which I find in HyLyt is that we can copy, and on a click immediately store all the information on the secured HyLyt platform, and know exactly where to retrieve it when needed.

      CEO (India/Africa OTT, Content, Esports Conf Events)