Data Sharing Made Secure With Hylyt

It used to be said that data is the new oil, but now it is gaining momentum as the most valuable resource. The COVID 19 pandemic forced hundreds of thousands of people to work from home, resulting in the digitization of all kinds of information so that it was readily available. This has increased the risk factor of the security of information. WIth recurrent instances of data breaches even at the biggest firms, it has become all the more important for businesses to use platforms that guarantee data protection and security.

Data protection can be defined as the process of sheltering important information from corruption, misuse or loss. The importance of data protection is growing by the day, as the amount of data created, processed, shared and stored is increasing rapidly.

There is a variety of information that is required to be stored by businesses, like employee information, information about the customer base, financial documents, legal documents, and many others, that require protection. Whether the data contains sensitive information related to your current staff and their families, shareholders,clients and other members related to the organisation, or whether it is simple for private use only, it is important to have a system that ensures that data loss is minimised, especially with the increased vulnerability that being virtual most of the time brings.

HYLYT is a platform designed keeping in mind the data protection needs of its users, and the best tech required to tackle the threats to data in the age of information. Listed below are some of these features, that prioritise data security, especially when it is being shared across an organisation.

  1. Two-Level Authentication

In order to use access data, it is possible to have a 2-level verification process that ensures that data cannot be hacked easily.

  1. 256-bit encryption

A fort needs its walls if it wants to save itself from breaching, a 256 encryption is absolutely necessary for any data protection and is the hardest to get through. This makes it an important requisite for any data sharing platform.

  1. Restrictions on sharing/ forwarding information

It is generally difficult to monitor the movement of data on any platform when it has been shared with a colleague. HYLYT allows the user to limit and restrict the sharing and forwarding of information, making it less likely to be leaked.

  1. Option to Lock Data

Data locking is a tool available on HYLYT that allows the user to exercise direct control on how the data is shared, used or processed. Enabling a data lock allows for an additional layer of security.

  1. Advanced Group Controls

Monitoring data shared in big groups can be a major hassle. It is difficult to keep track once the information has been shared with other members of the group. In this situation, HYLYT offers tools for regulating the use of data in the group.

  1. Secure Data Transfer

Whether the data is being transferred from an old employee to a new employee, or from one team to another, ensuring secure data transfer is possible with HYLYT.

  1. Delete data instantly and remotely for users

HYLYT gives you command control. This means that the user can delete data instantly, even remotely for other users if necessary. Such a feature is generally not available on most platforms,

  1. Locked notes for data authenticity

HYLYT has a tool that allows the notes for each user to be locked. Locking notes is a good safeguard against loss of data, and also helps ensure authenticity.

  1. Geo tagging

The data that is shared via HYLYT is tagged geographically, and this allows access to data based on geo-locations.

Company Data is an invaluable asset. Data security is now more essential than ever, and considering the financial investment a business is ready to make in their ventures, reflects on its importance. Apart from employing the best protection, organisations should also strengthen training programs for their employees and educate them about data security. It only takes one mistake to take down a whole network, and a well informed employee base will help avoid that.

Industry leaders agree that the future will be an ongoing battle between businesses that will be caught in an ongoing cycle of data-breach prevention, breach mitigation and data protection advancement. Hackers are always learning, developing and sharing their knowledge. With a skill set that’s constantly evolving, the risks for business and the general public are only going to increase. Whether you like it or not, we are reliant on data to live in the new age world.


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