What impact does HyLyt have in any industry?

What impact does HyLyt have in any industry?

HyLyt is an Information management app that provides a solution for any problem that arises in personal or professional needs. It is a ‘Digital India Initiative’ developed by SocioRAC. It helps in  effectivet management by allotting productive hours for handling multiple tasks on a priority
basis. It can be used in any type of industry as it can be adapted easily by various sectors.

HyLyt is a one-click solution for all the multitaskers. With the help of HyLyt, you can save your productive hours, which are wasted daily in browsing, gathering, storing. This app provides a
solution for different people as it acts as a single source for storing entire data in a highly protected way. The plans for HyLyt are very reasonable and affordable too. It is not only
designed for business people or small scale industries but for individuals also, even parents, which is the toughest job nowadays.

Let us go through some of the live cases where HyLyt, the information management app, can efficiently solve your problems.


1. What if I saved the important information somewhere and can’t find it on time?

Many of us arrange everything by saving files with related names. When they are required, we forget the folder where we saved them. As a result, productive time will be wasted in searching or browsing the information. Other projects and tasks to be done will be delayed. These also have to be completed and submitted on time. HyLyt helps reduce your anxieties by reminding you of your work on your device. Essential information or notes are viewed in social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, email accounts. HyLyt helps you integrate all the information required by you from the multiple sources and can also send you messages as reminders for work. You can also save your tasks by using the instant note-taking features.

HyLyt can also be used in the desktop version, which is convenient for working, especially business operations. HyLyt helps you to define the tasks. For business people, there is a massive amount of data that has to be saved digitally with high security. In addition to preserving the data, you also need to find it when required. By using the HyLyt app, you can save all your data in one place with specifications. You can save them with a relevant tag or in the appropriate folders to save your productive hours that are wasted searching for this information later.

2. How to overcome Cyber risk or Data breach during remote work?
There are times when you need to ‘work from home’ for the business to sustain. In the COVID-19 pandemic situations, most employees had to ‘work from home’ or were allowed to work in the remote. Most of them experienced different complications in remote work. For the organization, there is a threat to data security when they allow remote access for employees. It is quite challenging for the employer to keep the data secure when tasks are assigned online.

There are data security measures in offices and the data can be transferred within the office network. When the employer allows ‘work from home’ employees uses the home-based network to exchange information that is more vulnerable for data breaches. It may become a potential risk for the entire business.

HyLyt provides an excellent solution for this significant challenge. It helps in restricting the usage and sharing rights for every individual. It prevents data from being sent to any unknown sources or copying without proper permission. HyLyt helps you create a ghost user on the platform for monitoring the chats and groups and if any suspicious activities are observed, the supervisor can immediately erase the data and stop the access.

HyLyt also allows controlled and secured transfer of data from one person to another even on remote access by giving adequate controls to the admin.

3. HyLyt as an Information Management System
Information management is the key to success for every business nowadays. But managing this information is a tedious task. Information management helps the organization in building strategies, project plans, customer data, etc. Every organization has its protocols for handling the data. Hence, there is a requirement for effective information management for all businesses.

HyLyt information management system provides enhanced security for information. The business can secure the organization data by maintaining 2-level security. It also allows the user to lock the folders for data privacy. HyLyt ensures that the information is under high security with end-to-end 256-bit encryption. HyLyt information management offers the employees the freedom to manage personal and professional data on the same system. This improves work productivity as it will be easier for the employees for their work schedules.

HyLyt information management system has the required space for saving all your business-related works and files. It also helps in avoiding duplicate data. It provides a single-click content broadcast to all users, thus saving the time of team leads and HR Managers from sending one-to-one messages to the employees.

HyLyt is a fit for any organization as it has enhanced security and customized features that replace multiple apps used in an organization’s working system. It helps an organization manage multi-user online remote working during pandemic times like COVID-19 with better security. It prevents unauthorized data copying and transfer. It helps in efficient planning, safe communication among employees and you can also set reminders for your important tasks. Simply saying, it is a one-click solution for all the critical issues faced by any, industry enhancing productivity.

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